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Hello Everyone,

Some painters paint paintings of their dream home place, well I don’t have to make a painting because I could just take a picture of where I live, because I am living in a place like those paintings. The Comox Valley

Buntzen Lake Calm Jerry Meaden via Compfight

In the summer time you can play the best sport ever baseball, you get to travel every where on the island and after the games. You and your team The Comox Valley Cardinals can go cool of in one of the most awe inspiring lakes you’ll ever see.

When it is camping season you can stay in some of the most dazzling parks you’ll ever see with giant evergreen trees and some the most beautiful beaches ever. where you can build giant sand castles or go swimming with some fish’s literally. My favorite campground miracle beach has so much to do you could go swimming or you could for a walk in the woods.

I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Now that you have read about BC and Vancouver Island, what do you think about it? Would you ever visit here? Tell me in your comments.


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