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Hi Readers,

I will be doing a sports blog that has Baseball and Hockey.  My favorite sport is Baseball.  This year I am very excited for the Blue Jays If you don’t watch Baseball It Is the first time in 22 years they have made the playoffs.  I am also excited for the start of Hockey season.  I will be posting more soon.

I have a dog named Rosie.  She is a Papillon Schauzer cross.  She is tiny and really cuddly.

I have went to Disney Land twice. both times it was so much fun the second time we went to San Diego zoo and the safari park I also went to Seaworld. It was the best trip ever.  Next summer my family is going to Hawaiian I think it’s going to be a blast.

More posts coming soon.

Sincerely, Elijah


  1. Morgan says:

    Hi Elijah
    Nice About Me post.
    That trip to San Diego sound so much fun, what was you favourite animal at the zoo.
    Are you going to do a post about that trip?
    When you went to Disneyland, what was your favourite ride. When we went to Disneyland my favourite ride was the Matterhorn. Did you also go to California adventure. If you did, did go on the tower of terror.
    My favourite ride in California adventure Was California screaming, it was an awesome roller coaster with a looptiloop on it was awesome, sound like you had a great time.
    Sincerely, Morgan

    • Elijah says:

      Hi Morgan,
      Yes I will be doing a post about the trip. My favorite animal was the red panda (I think that’s the name) only we could hardly see it because it was in a tree. my favorite ride in Disney Land was the Splash Mountain. The Matterhorn was my third favorite Space mountain was my second favorite. Yes I went on California Screaming I think its the best ride in both parks did you go on Grizzly mountain?
      Elijah’s blog
      Huzzah! Our class blog

  2. 2021mab says:

    Hi Elijah, my names Morgan.
    It’s really cool that you’ve gotten to go to Disneyland, not once but twice! I’ve never been it sounds like fun though. And I have a dog too it’s a beagle and its name is raven, he’s crazy, hyper and never really calm enough to cuddle with. You should visit my blog @2021mab.edublogs.org

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